$160,000 Settlement – Premises Liability

  Premises Liability – $160,000 settled for a bicyclist who fell off his bike at high speed after hitting a large bump/crack in the trail. Our client was an experienced bicyclist who was on a new trail with a new group of cyclists. This particular trail was in poor condition and was not regularly maintained by the county as it should have been. The other riders in the pack of cyclists knew to avoid the large crack in the trail but this plaintiff did not. He struck the crack going approximately 22 mph, and suffered an immediately blow out of his tire and fell head first onto the concrete. Despite wearing a helmet he suffered a traumatic brain injury for which thankfully he fully recovered. The county fought hard on liability stating that the cyclist should have seen the large crack/bump. Ultimately we were able to settle the case for $160,000 against the county without having to file a lawsuit.