$775,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Accident

  Pedestrian Accident – We were able to obtain the full policy limits for a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle while within a marked crosswalk and suffered a broken foot, as well as a labral tear of the hip that required surgery.

$300,000 Settlement – Trucking Accident

  Trucking Accident – Plaintiff was side swiped on the cross town by a cement truck. Liability was hotly contested as the truck driver claimed it was our client who moved into his lane striking his truck. Despite the fact that the trucking company was denying fault, we were able to push them close enough to trial to settle the case at mediation.

$225,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Crash

  Motor Vehicle Crash – We obtained the full policy limits for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident who suffered a compression fracture of one of her lumbar vertebrae and had to undergo a vertebroplasty.