Her Medical Experience Is an Extremely Valuable Asset

The Nurse Lawyer represented me regarding an accident in 2013 where I was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. I suffered serious injuries to both my neck and lower back. Neck injuries resulting in a ACDF surgery. From the very start to the very end, Maryann saw me through the entire process. With her experience as a nurse she was really able to help me understand what I was going through with my injuries and treatment.

She was able to represent me with great confidence, fully understanding my injuries. This gave me peace of mind. Maryann and her staff handled everything for me and she always communicated with me keeping me informed on where we were in the process and what the next steps would be. She was always just a phone call away day or night. It was a long road but in the end Maryann was successful. The insurance company did not believe I was injured and the case ended up going to trial in Federal Court. Where she did an outstanding job representing me.

She was very knowledgeable with the federal court process and she was not intimidated by the insurance company at all. She truly dedicated herself to my case. With her medical experience she was able to really help the jury fully understand my injuries and how I had been injured in the accident. Her and her staff were professional, knowledgeable and prompt in responding to any questions I had. Maryann was very confident in presenting my case to a jury in trial. Where she won a very substantial verdict on my behalf. I cannot say enough good and positive things about my experience with Maryann and her staff at The Nurse Lawyer. Her medical experience is an extremely valuable asset. My husband and I would and will highly recommend her to anyone who needs a knowledgeable, confident & successful representation.

Debra, New Port Richey, FL