Negligent/Inadequate Security

Tampa Negligent Security Attorney

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe property for individuals who may enter their property. Many people do not realize that this liability goes beyond cases of building safety codes and maintenance. People should be expected to enjoy safety in terms of proper locks and security measures.

This specific type of personal injury case is referred to as negligent security. They often arise in apartment buildings, on university campuses or in commercial spaces (i.e., hotels, bars, shopping centers, etc.) where residents or patrons rely on another party to provide security for everyday living.

If you have suffered an injury or have even been the victim of violence as a result of negligent security, attorney representation is in your best interest. Contact me at The Nurse Lawyer, P.A., if you were injured because of:

  • Lack of security personnel: Many institutions that are prime targets for crime, such as banks or hotels could be reasonably expected to have security guards monitoring the premises to prevent crimes like assault, robbery or sexual violence.
  • Broken locks, doors or windows: Basic security measures that prevent “crimes of opportunity” should be maintained in order to prevent the loss of your property or physical injury from a violent crime.
  • Poor lighting, exit sign malfunction and smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector failure: In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or explosion, people need to know how to exit a building or dangerous situation. If signage and cautionary measures are not maintained, you could have lawsuit against the property owner.

Proving negligence in premises liability cases requires a great deal of investigation and an understanding of how your injuries have affected and will affect your life for years to come. I offer seasoned experience before juries in trial proceedings as well as the knowledge of a career nurse to make sure every issue you face is addressed in your personal injury compensation package.

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