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Car – Truck – Motorcycle Accidents

The Personal Injury Claim Process

Ultimately, you need experienced representation on your side in order to get results from insurance companies. They rarely take personal injury claimants seriously until they are under the threat of a lawsuit and the claimants have retained attorney representation.

When you contact my office, The Nurse Lawyer, P.A., I will discuss the details of your case and walk you through the legal process for personal injury claims so you can gain an understanding of what to expect and how to proceed.

This process typically involves:

  1. An explanation of your rights directly from an experienced personal injury lawyer
  2. Collection of information regarding your accident and the circumstances surrounding your injury claim
  3. An analysis of your medical and financial needs
  4. Drafting and presentation of claim details and compensation demands to insurance companies (the at-fault party’s as well as your own)
  5. Pursuit of a favorable settlement through negotiation with the insurance company
  6. Filing a lawsuit when settlement offers are insufficient
  7. Renegotiation of settlements after insurance company feels the pressure of litigation
  8. Presentation of case before a jury trial when necessary

How Your Case May Be Resolved

The process of filing a claim will vary on a case-by-case basis. Some settlements are more readily and favorably settled out of court, while some require an aggressive stance. One constant in every case, however, is the detail and persistence required.

Your claim must be presented with clear information about the severity of your injury and how it has affected your life in both the immediate and long-term sense.

I offer seasoned experience in all facets of personal injury and wrongful death, from claims against negligent individuals (i.e., reckless drivers in car accidents or motorcycle accidents, or property owners and negligent security) to claims against businesses and organizations (i.e., product manufacturers and car defects or hospital errors).

Here To Help

Contact my office in Tampa, Palm Harbor, or St. Augustine online or by telephone at 727-835-5823 for more information. I offer free initial consultations and representation based on contingency fees, so you truly are under no immediate financial obligation when you discuss your case.