Referral Lawyers and Co-Counselors

 Why partner with The Nurse Lawyer?

  • We will teach you our ways of how to medically maximize your client’s case, how to strongly litigate it, and take it all the way through verdict.

  • With our reputation and experience of being board certified and a registered nurse, we will increase the value of your cases for your clients and ultimately putting more fees in your pocket.

  • We will move your cases quickly even through litigation and trial.

Over the years we have shared millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees with attorneys who have referred cases to us or have worked with us in a co-counsel relationship. In fact, we are proud to say that one of our largest sources of cases come from other lawyers, and because of that, we cherish our relationships with other attorneys.  Litigating personal injury cases is time consuming and expensive. With our medical knowledge and trial experience, we have developed an approach to handling the most complex and medically complicated personal injury cases. From minor impact cases with pre-existing conditions, to traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death cases, we have the medical and legal experience, the financial ability, and the litigation support staff necessary, to get your client the best recovery possible in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you are an attorney who does not practice personal injury at all and are looking to refer us a case from the start, or if you handle personal injury cases but do not want to handle your own litigation, we are here to help you. We have partnered with other lawyers in just about every relationship and circumstance imaginable, and we are happy to discuss what would be the ideal situation for you and your clients.

For those attorneys who do not handle personal injury cases, you can rest assured that your clients will get the utmost personal attention with our firm, and we will not stop until your client gets the results they deserve. You can also count on us to handle your client’s case quickly, so that both you and your client are not waiting around for years for a recovery and referral fee.

If you are an attorney that does handle personal injury and you want to co-counsel with us for litigation and trial purposes, we will join you to give you the power you need to take down even the toughest opponents. Our history has shown that our co-counsel clients are happy to have you bring in a board-certified civil trial lawyer and registered nurse to help you with their case. If you’d like to just hand the case off to us to take over for litigation purposes, we are happy to handle everything. However, if you’d like to have an active role in the litigation, attending depositions, hearings, mediation and even sitting second chair at trial, we will include you as much as you prefer. What sets us apart from other co-counsel relationships is our willingness to teach you. We are not worried that if we teach you our strategies in litigation and trial you may no longer refer us your business. We believe that if all personal injury attorneys are holding insurance companies’ accountable, all plaintiffs will prosper.

We consider it an honor to have earned the trust and respect of our colleagues. We strongly value our relationships with our referral partners and look forward to helping you and your clients.

Referral Lawyers

Reach my offices in Tampa (By appointment only), Palm Harbor, or St. Augustine (By appointment only) by email or telephone at 727-807-6182 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, so you are under no immediate financial obligation. Attorney fees are only collected when a compensation package has been recovered on your behalf.