Wrongful Death

Tampa Wrongful Death Attorney

Some personal injury cases involve accidents so severe that they result in loss of life. No amount of compensation from an insurance company can give you back what you have lost as the result of a fatal accident, but it can help you deal with the financial burden that losing a loved one has put on your shoulders.

Taking On Insurance Companies While You Focus On Your Loved Ones

Despite the severity of these personal injury cases, insurance companies still make decisions based on dollars and cents. Ultimately, they are looking out for their bottom line, and will do everything possible to reduce the amount of money they pay out in wrongful death claims, even to deserving individuals and families.

At my law firm, The Nurse Lawyer, P.A., I stand up for my clients during particularly trying times in their lives. While you focus on coping with your loss, I can focus on pursuing compensation for:

  • Medical treatment that the deceased required prior to passing
  • Financial losses, such as lost income from the deceased
  • Loss of companionship for a widow or widower
  • Loss of guardianship for a child
  • Punitive damages that serve as punishment for the negligent party’s wrongdoing

As a former nurse, I understand what families go through as they deal with a loved one’s end-of-life care in the hospital as well as the pain and suffering caused in a sudden fatal accident. Whether your claim is the result of a car accident, a negligent security matter, a claim or something else, I can help you as your wrongful death attorney.

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